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Celebrating the H Family! May 12, 2010

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It is always so flattering when friends want to entrust you with something as monumental as capturing a moment in their family’s life. These friends in particular.  I have known them now for nearly half my life (insert smile) so to say we have watched one another grow is an understatement. The milestones have been huge and the most recent is no exception. Kelly asked me to photograph her pregnant belly which for Kelly is huge. This is not necessarily her thing but she really wanted some special shots of her sweet little girl before she changes from only child to big sister. For those with multiple children you know how life altering this is for EVERYONE!

So here they are…. and yes they are as sweet as they look…. Kelly, Pat, and Casey… I love you very much. Thank you for letting me do this for  you!  Hugs!


Elena and Simon: Married!

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On a cold rainy day in early March I had the honor to witness the marriage of two incredibly lovely people. Elena and Simon married in the barrel room of The Winery at La Grange and while normally a dark cold room… it was hardly either of these. This room was made absolutely beautiful by Country Way of Middleburg and A la Carte Caterers. While the flowers and food were outstanding what was really hard to miss was the love that permeated thru this room. Elena and Simon, thank you for including me in this celebration of your love. Elena thank you for becoming a friend!
PS… check out Elena’s sweet blog… it’s funny, smart and frankly will just make your heart smile!


A very cool workshop! April 19, 2010

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Check out! They’re giving away prizes & a seat to their workshop on the blog this week! Go enter to win!”


Not gonna rain on their parade! *sneak peek* March 17, 2010

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Last weekend I shot the wedding of Elena and Simon.  These two have a very cool story and because I am not a writer by trade I would encourage you to visit Elena’s very  sweet blog to hear all about this love story!

This is just a quick look and there will be much more to come!!!  Elena and Simon got married at The Winery at La Grange in Haymarket.  A cool place for a wedding or just a day in the country!!!!


Snow baby! February 7, 2010

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Freezing greetings from Northern VA!  We are hopefully at the tail end of what is being referred to as the Blizzard of 2010, Snopocolyse, Snomageddon,etc.  Call it whatever you want… it’s a LOT of snow.  While I hate to shovel, I do love how it brings everyone out of their homes to help dig out!  My guys have been having a blast starting last evening when we told them we could go out and play in the snow when we actually should have been heading to bed!  What fun!  The best was when we brought snow balls (or boulders if you’re my middle child) into the bath tub to have a snow bath!  The squeals were priceless and certainly worth the mess they created hauling them up the stairs!

This snow brought back some wonderful memories specifically as a child where my dad would pull me on a sled behind a tractor to the top of a wonderful sledding hill and of my days at Gettysburg College where I spent 2 fantastic snowstorms!  If I could find the pictures I would post them but I will say that the pictures are still in my mind and for that I am very greatful!  Long gone are those carefree days but the memories remain!  Thank you Blizzard of 2010 for the beautiful walk down memory lane and for the fantastic new moments which will also be re-played in my mind for as long as I live!

This snow at last measurement was about 26 inches and counting!  The snow was too deep for baby Tuck  so if you are wondering where he is, he has not been lost in the mountain of snow but rather he is sleeping peacefully while the snow continues to fly outside!  We will take take him out when the snow stops and use him as a measuring tool for the final count!!!  Stay tuned!


Leslie and Derek: Engaged!!!! January 21, 2010

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On a VERY cold day in December…  we had a lot of fun in Old Town, Manassas!!!!

Leslie and Derek, the two of you are a lot of fun!!!  I can’t wait to shoot your wedding!!!!!


Happy Birthday Jakey! January 20, 2010

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I am going to postpone the engagement pictures for another day while I post some VERY important pictures!
My baby (first born) turned 6 on Sunday and I would like to take a minute to show him some love! Jake came into this world on a very cold January morning which started the night before in a restaurant called Champs in Arlington! His daddy was there for a happy hour with a bunch of our friends from college and I stopped to pick him up and grab some food! Before I even got my coat off, my water broke! I quickly grabbed my husband and drove us to the hospital. Jake was hours from arrival but that night was full of excitement!!!! The anticipation alone is a feeling I will never forget! When Jake finally did make is appearance, the world was instantly a better place. His little light was shining from the moment he came into this world!!!
He has grown from a happy baby boy, to a gentle toddler, into a little boy who is honest, kind, and gentle-hearted. He loves his brothers, his family, school, and all things trains! To know him is to absolutely love him!!!!! I thank God every day for giving me this precious gift. I love being your mommy Jake!!!!
And now… Jakey…